The administrator area (BackEnd)

This is where you make all your modifications (both text and images) that will be seen in the public website. You have to log in with your username and password. It is advisable before the training session that you let us know what username and password you want to create them in advance.
If not, our trainer can help you doing so.

To open your site's administrator page or BackEnd, you must have the following information:
- Your domain name (www.sampleparish.ie)
- Your user details
- Username
- Password

Type in the name of your website

Note: Maybe the domain registration process is not finished at the date of the training. If this is the case, you have to use a special address to reach the administration area. Of course our colleagues work on the     domain registration really hard, but the process depends on several circumstances. Please be patient when not the final domain address is used.

Control panel

After login you will see the following screen. This will be the Control panel. The Control panel tries to collect all of the main features and management possibilities what may be needed during the site setup. There is another option to reach all the possibilities. This is the top menu on the page which is boxed for you on the next figure.

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