Creating a Link

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Creating a Link from One Web page to another

Both web pages need to have been created, each with their own menu position and Saved.

If we assume that Page A is the host page, that is, it will be the page that will contain a reference to Page B and will offer a web link to Page B. Here are the steps to follow:

At the desired point on Page A insert the reference to the link about Page B, eg:

To view the contents of Page B, click here.

Open Page B on the Front End (the Actual web page).  The URL (web position) of this page will be shown in the toolbar.  Highlight this and press Ctrl + C to copy.

Open Page A and go to the “click here” entry. 
Highlight this.    
Click on “Link icon”

A URL box will appear:  Place your cursor in the URL box:

Press CTRL + V to copy the URL address to this box.  Click the Insert button.

You will now see that the word you had previously highlighted is now underlined.
In other words, “click here” will be underlined and also may appear in a different colour.
It means the link to page B has been created.

To view the contents of Page B, click here


“Click here” may be replaced with any other suitable reference.

Data for Page A or Page B can be typed in or may be copied from some other document as described in training notes.


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