Inserting PDF Files

Inserting a pdf file to the web page is almost the same procedure like inserting an image. You have to start with the uploading. As with the images, you have to follow the structural issues as you can create directories and organize the files well. During the upload process you have to make notes about the following:
-    The directory folder name where the pdf file is located starting with the “/images…” string.
-    The name of the pdf file like sample.pdf

If you have this information, follow the instructions below to make the pdf file available on a page.

- Open the page where you want to see the PDF. You need to type in something for the user to click and open the PDF in their computers. It can be something like “To download the PDF click here” or “PDF download”.

- Then highlight the part of the text where you want to add the link (eg click here) and click on the chain icon Insert link.

- This will open a Window where the first option is Link URL, which is where you have to type the address. The address should start with the path of the pdf file, and finished with the pdf file name. Pe: “/images/stories/sample.pdf”

- In the Target option select Open in parent window (while it is not essential to do this, with some browsers this step can avoid unwanted problems). The other options are default setting so you can leave them as they are and press Insert.

- You will see the highlighted word now underlined. It means the link to the PDF was created successfully.

- Now you can press Save and go into the front end to check the results.

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